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Fun little trivia game

Great little game you can just pick up and struggle to put down! If you like movie trivia, you will like this! My only criticism is that, whilst I love the leveling up to see how far I can get, Id actually be happy if it were a little tougher, perhaps with lives so that the game ends when I get too many wrong.

Fun game

Not to Many interactive gadgets but still agréable to play


Just purchased the game, played for two minutes and got bored already! Not worth it, questions are always the same: who played in... who directed what and thats pretty much all.

Another fun quiz app

Keep em comin I love these these kind of apps!

Interface is original, but the game itself needs a lot of work

I think the interface was executed fairly well, but the flow of the game itself is a little hokey. There are no categories of questions or anything, so theyre just all over the place. Boasting thousands of questions is great, but you should at least be able to pick a category or even a film era. The whole ranking thing is a cool idea, but the fact that it changes so often and the screen pops up to interrupt the game is a little annoying. A decent first release, but leaves a lot more to desire for a movie buff like myself.

Good movie trivia game, thanks!

I enjoy trivia games quite a bit and loved this one. The presentation is gorgeous and I enjoyed the way that you progress though the game. The rank names are fun and I like being able to check my total stats as well. I didnt use the skips all that much, but think that the hint functionality is excellent. For the odd question that I really didnt have a clue on it helped nicely without giving everything away so that I could still feel like I was answering the question. Like the previous reviewer stated you cant choose an individual question category, but as this is already a fairly specific trivia game, only asking movie questions, I thought it was just fine. The best thing about it though was the info button, except for one thing. Every time I checked the info I had to start the game back up. The game did remember exactly where Id left off, but it would be nice if I could just go straight from the IMDB back into the game without the extra loading. Hopefully this will be in a later update?

Really Addictive!

Been playing this for hours since buying! Really addictive game with great visuals, moving up ranks is a cool feature, always wondering what the next rank will be called. Not so keen on the year questions - have to use up my skips and hints for them.

App Pro

Like the leveling. Good overall app. Biggest downside are the types of questions. Date movies are made and movie character name questions are not interesting and are asked very frequently. App is missing Oscar related questions or interesting trivia. It would get 5 stars if questions were improved.

Just Ok

Just finished playing and getting through all the levels. Too much emphasis on dates - when a film was release and way too much duplication with questions. Decent graphics but much work in needed to add variety.


This really tests your movie mind and its really good!


Nice fun very cool

Awesome app

Hours of fun.

Movie lovers

This is a fun game for people who love movies worth it

Good little game

Nice interface, no repeating questions or answer options yet. So far so good!


So far I like it! Just 99 cents so not much to lose if you dont like it


Good Game, its Funny, i enjoyed it

Good quiz app!

Good app. Challenging questions named to know movie directors.

Fun, but predictable

I like the app but it needs to be updated with new questions.

Pretty fun

Need to know directors

Movies Quiz

This app is fun but challenging. As stated before, you have to know a lot of directors. However, some of them are easy to narrow down to a couple answers. Overall, I think its interesting and fun and ends up teaching you some new trivia!

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